About Elizabeth

Hello, I'm Elizabeth, a multi-passionate entreprenuer who loves art, photography, nature, animals, and her family. I started to teach in person classes I called "Watercolors Made Easy" to show people that painting with watercolors doesn't have to be intimidating or scary. Plus, using professional quality paints and paper can help ease frustrations with how the pigment of watercolor paints spread and interact with the paper.

These classes started in 2017, the classes slow down in 2019 when I had our daughter, and of course they stopped in 2020. Watercolors Made Easy classes started again in 2023 after my husband quit his job to be the stay-at-home-parent for our daughter.

Now I am teaching from Lebanon/Corvallis to Sherwood/Canby and many places inbetween. Along with teaching in person, I have many videos on my YouTube channel and online classes.

I hope what I have to offer helps you on your watercolor painting journey!